Why we are

Imperial Infotech differs from other recruiting agencies just because we bridge the gap between the growing needs of the employer and the diversified skills of the candidates.

We have specialized recruiters to seek staff with a very narrow speciality. Because of their focus, we can very often produce superior results due to our ability to channel all of our resources into networking for a very specific skill set. This specialization in staffing allows us to offer more jobs for the specific demography which in turn attracts more specialized candidates from that specific demography over time building large proprietary databases. We tend to be more focused on building ongoing relationships with our clients and candidates as is very essential for the recognition of right one for the right place.

As a process of headhunting we often attend trade shows and other meetings nationally or even internationally that may be attended by potential candidates and hiring managers. we also recruit very specialized individuals; for example, in some fields, such as emerging scientific research areas, there may only be a handful of top-level professionals who are active in the field. In this case, since there are so few qualified candidates, it makes more sense to directly recruit them one-by-one, rather than advertise internationally for candidates. We attract both candidates and actively seek them out as well. To do so, we network, cultivate relationships with various organizations.