How we are

What Imperial Infotech does is a process of attracting, screening, and short listing qualified people for right job.We then work to match our pool of candidates to our client’s open positions.

We start by sourcing candidates, by proper means, screening potential candidates using tests and/or interviews, short listing suitable candidates based the results of the tests and/or interviews, putting forward for an interview with potential employers on a contract or direct basis and on-boarding to ensure the candidate is able to fulfill their new role effectively.

We may arrange a meeting or a formal interview between the client and the candidate and will usually prepare the candidate for the interview, help negotiate the salary and conduct closure to the search. Thus we have a good stand in industry trade groups and associations.

Our activities involve

  • Sourcing, a common part of the recruiting process, often encompassing multiple media, such as the Internet, referrals and their networks, existing database, window advertisements, job centers, and campus graduate recruitment programs, headhunting.
  • Recruiting research, a proactive identification of relevant talent who may not respond to job postings and other recruitment advertising methods done in #1. This initial research for so-called passive prospects, also called name-generation, results in a list of prospects who can then be contacted to solicit interest, obtain a resume/CV, and be screened (see below). and
  • On boarding, a process of helping new employees becomes productive members of an organization. A well-planned introduction helps new employees become fully operational quickly and is often integrated with a new company and environment. Onboarding is included in the recruitment process for retention purposes. Many companies have onboarding campaigns in hopes to retain top talent that is new to the company; campaigns may last anywhere from 1 week to 6 months.